A LINE OF COLOR - Various Artists

 A Line of Color

Inspired by Omar Carreño’s seminal Work “Etude #2”, the gallery is proud to present a group of artists mainly from South America whose works investigate the use of the line and color fields.  The featured artists are Yaacov Agam, Juan Araujo, Martín Blaszko, Ary Brizzi, Eduardo Costa, Carlos Cruz-Diez, León Ferrari, Roland Flexner, María Freire, Gego, Jaime Gili, Alejandro Otero, Alejandro Puente, Luis Roldán, Osvaldo Romberg, Jesús Soto and Valentina Valladares.  Also included is a work from a North American artist, Ralph Coburn, who was a contemporary of Omar Carreño in France:  “Collage Drawing 1950-56”.

Not only did both artists exhibit  in Paris in the early 1950’s, but Coburn, along with his close friend and fellow artist Ellsworth Kelly, also exhibited in Caracas in 1952 at the “Primera Muestra Internacional de Arte Abstracto” at the Galería Cuatro Muros.  As curator Mary Kate O’Hare wrote in the catalogue of her exhibition - Constructive Spirit, Abstract Art in South and North America - “Ignoring national borders allows us to see convergent artistic tendencies in a new light and to appreciate them within broader conceptual contexts.”