Juan Iribarren


Henrique Faría Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Juan Iribarren. In these recent works, he continues to absorb and transform a carefully chosen repertoire of modern and contemporary referential painting models, notably American and European, into a uniquely personal, optically-driven and series-based form of abstraction.

Juan Iribarren, (Caracas, 1956), counts among the leading contemporary painters in his native country, Venezuela. Trained in the U.S. and France, Iribarren has enjoyed an “artist’s artist” reputation, finding wide recognition among key Latin American collectors and artists, as well as influencing younger painters. 

Although painting is the central medium of Iribarren’s artistic production, his body of work includes drawing, gouache, etching and photography, usually building up a series of works to displace the problems of painting onto differential media. Iribarren has systematically investigated major color based modes of painting, from Matisse, Alejandro Otero and Diebenkorn, to Richter, Per Kirkeby, De Keyser and Bernard Frize, critically allowing them to inform his own production.

The core of Iribarren’s most recent work presents itself as a seemingly impossible and contradictory juxtaposition of geometry, the luminous and the atmospheric.  In spite of continuing his systematic observation of the changing values and colors in his studio, Iribarren technically proceeds against the grain of an atmospheric, retinal kind of painting. Although each work included in this show represents an iteration of a single, more or less similar, visual setting observed on the walls and windows of his New York studio, Iribarren subverts each of them by repeatedly juxtaposing a slightly shifted version of the composition, at times turning the canvas upside-down, and executing brightly colored, wet on wet, sweeping brushstrokes, thus creating dense, unexpected contrasts between field and gesture.  It is the combination of these systematic technical solutions over a basic, colorful atmospheric compositional architecture that makes Iribarren’s work a unique and radical example in today’s Latin American painting.


JUAN IRIBARREN                               

Born in Caracas, Venezuela

Lives and works in New York




Université de Paris I, (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Paris, France

D.E.A., 1983

Maîtrise d'Esthétique, 1982

American University, Washington, D.C. BFA, 1978



Solo Exhibitions


2009    Juan Iribarren.  Obra reciente. Faría+Fábregas Galería, Caracas, Venezuela

2006    Juan Iribarren.  Dibujos y Fotografías. Galería Spazio Zero, Caracas

2005    Galería Clave, Feria Iberoamericana de arte, Caracas

2004   Juan Iribarren: Recent Works. Sicardi Gallery, Houston, TX

2002    Sicardi Gallery, Houston, TX

2001    Juan Iribarren, Obra reciente. Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas

1998    Juan Iribarren, Small Paintings. GAGA, New York, NY

1997    Sala Alternativa, Caracas

1994    Sala Mendoza, Caracas

1993    Obra reciente, Galería Clave, Caracas

1991    Galería Clave, Caracas                                                                                              

1989    Juan Iribarren, Pinturas. Galería Clave, Caracas

1986    Galería de los Espacios Cálidos, Caracas



Selected Group Exhibitions


2011    The Armory Show. Faría+Fábregas Galería, New York, NY

            Feria Arte BA, Faría+Fábregas Galería, Buenos AIres, Argentina

            Pinta Art Fair, Henrique Faría Fine Art, New York, NY

2010    Art/Basel.  Galería Faría Fabregas, Miami, FL 

ArteBo Art Fair.  Galería Faría Fabregas, Bogotá, Colombia

Negativa Moderna.  Henrique Faría Fine Art, New York, NY

Then & Now:  Abstraction in Latin American Art, 1950-Present. Deutsche Bank Gallery, NY

A Collective Sum. Ideobox Artspace, Miami, FL

2009    Zona Maco México Arte Contemporáneo.  Henrique Faría Fine Art, México, DF

            Explorando el Sur.  Fundación Carlos de Amberes, Madrid, Spain

2008    Ñew York,  Galería Astarté, Madrid 

2007      Iberoamérica Glocal.  Casa de América, Madrid

          Pinta Art Fair, Henrique Faría Fine Art, New York, NY

          Jump Cuts: Venezuelan Contemporary Art.  Coleccion Mercantil.  CIFO, Miami

           Balelatina Art Fair.  Henrique Faría Fine Art, Basel, Switzerland

           Feria Arte BA.  Henrique Faria Fine Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006    The (S) Files/The Selected Files.  Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

2005    The (S) Files/The Selected Files. El Museo del Barrio, New York, NY

            Buenos Aires Photo.  Galería Clave,  Buenos Aires, Argentina        

   Diálogos: Arte latinoamericano desde la Coleccion Cisneros. Museo de Arte       Moderno de Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia 

   Jump Cuts: Venezuelan Contemporary Art,  Coleccion Mercantil, Americas Society, New York, NY

2004     The Fine Line (between something and nothing).  Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York, NY

      Colored Pencil. KS Art, New York, NY

    Arte contemporaneo venezolano en la Coleccion Cisneros, 1990-2004. Museo de Arte Moderno Jesus Soto, Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

        Colección Bidimensional MACCSI. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Sofia Imber, Caracas, Venezuela         

2000    Living is Easy.  Richard Anderson Fine Arts, New York, NY                                                                        Nuevas adquisiciones. Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas          

1999    ARCO Art Fair.  Sala Alternativa, Madrid, Spain

           Faculty Exhibition. Visceglia Gallery, Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ

1998    The Jewel Box Project, Bang on a Can Benefit, GAGA, N.Y.

1997    ARCO Art Fair.  Sala Alternativa, Madrid

Relocating Landscape: East and West.  Visceglia Gallery, Caldwell College, N.J.

                        La Invención de la Continuidad.  Galería de Arte Nacional, Caracas

                        Adquisiciones Recientes.  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofía Imber, Caracas

1996    Paintings, Moe's Meat Market, New York, NY

1995    Cross Section, Eighth Floor Gallery, New York, NY

1994    Salón Arturo Michelena.  Ateneo de Valencia, Valencia, Venezuela

            Venezuela +1 Artstorming.  The Venezuelan Center Gallery, New York, NY

1992    Espacios creados – Espacios vistos.  Galería Clave, Caracas

           I Bienal Camille Pissarro.  Centro Cultural Consolidado, Caracas

1991    44 por 44 X 44.  Galería   Euroamericana, Caracas

1990    10 de los 80 en el 90.   Sala de Exposiciones CANTV, Caracas

1989    New Talent from Latin America.  I Latin American Art and Culture Festival, Brasilia, Brasil

  I Bienal de Artes Visuales Christian Dior.  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Sofía Imber, Caracas

1985    III Bienal de Jóvenes Artistas.   Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, Caracas

1983     Exposition des Artistes Etrangers  Boursiers  du Gouvernement Français.

    Théâtre du Rond-Point, Paris, France

1982    Petits Formats.   Espace Latinoaméricain, Paris